Bordur og Kaminur Rhythm Seashell Mantel Clock

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Produkt Beskrivelse:
Rhythm Seashell Mantel Clock is a pendulum mantel clock with beautiful details in wood and a convex frontal glass with decorative golden patterns around the edges. Rhythm Seashell Mantel Clock has a seashell inspired dial with a nice reflective finish. This clock is equipped with SIP can play several melodies.

The video lets you hear the sonorous chime: 4x4 Westminster Impact + hours (same melodies as the featured clock but another model)

SIP = "SIP - Sound In Place 100% replica of true sound"
Volume control
Night shut-off

4x4 Westminster chime + Hours
4x4 Ave Maria Slag + Hours
4x4 1 repetition/hour Westminster + Hours
4x4 Bim Bam

Materialer: træ, glas, aluminium
Størrelse: 21,0 x 30,8 x 12,0cm
Producent: Rhythm


Produceret af:  Wikinggruppen


Vælg: Privatperson eller Forretning, Organisation 

Privatperson Forretning