Elektroniske Skilte RGB Technology Display Text Time Date Temp M6 100

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Display Text Time Date Temp M6 100 is large professional instrument that can reproduce any text as well as time, date and temperature. The text is easily entered using the standard keyboard that is supplied with the display (a wireless keyboard can be purchased). The diodes are selected AVAGO technology LED:s and the power supply is from Meanwell ensuring very high quality in both components and assembly.

The M-Series Display supports double line text in six different compositions: two different speeds, two same speed, two stopped text. Please have a look on the video below for visuals of the double line feature. You can find even more info on the display in the PDF below.

The unit can display time, date and surrounding area temperature interchangeable with the set text content. These settings can be enabled or disabled in any given combination, e.g.


The text can be paused or stopped and the speed of the text can be modified. This display has approximately 45cm high digits which makes the display viewable up to a distance of 200 meters.

Resolution in pixels: 33 x 8 (264)
Number of characters at a time: 3-4 ("SALE" - 8000 character message in rolling format - see "graphis effects" below)
Energy efficient - 15W

The unit has a simple, easy to use interface and is capable of:

displaying a spot (a text message) consisting of 8.000 characters
showing current time, date and temperature
special characters available (arrows, percents %, @ and others) and piktograms
text input in 18 languages English, Polish, Russian, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Italian.
displaying small, capital letters and special characters (supplementary characters)
displaying content either vertically or horizontally oriented
displaying 3 font types: thin, regular and thick
characters 8, 16 or 32 pixels high (depending on the particular model)
automatic (10 levels) and manual brightness regulation
controlling the display operation time (eg. turn on at 8:46, turn off at 21:30)

Text displays graphic effects:
1.Las Vegas
2. smooth text sliding from the right to the left (default
3. smooth text sliding from the left to the right
4. immediate text display,
5. immediate text display followed by sliding text to the
bottom of the display,
6. immediate text display followed by sliding text to the
top of the display,
7. text entry from the top of the display while pushing
the current text to the bottom,
8. text entry from the bottom of the display while
pushing the current text to the top of display,
9. vertical comb effect,
10 crest levels effect,
11. horizontal comb effect covering the current text ,
12. decompose the text into horizontal stripes and
dropping them to the bottom of the screen while
uncovering new text,
13. composing text from vertical stripes entering the
screen from the right while covering the previous text,
14. decompose the text into vertical stripes from leaving screen to the left while uncovering new text,
15. Milky Way effect,
16. flash effect,
17. scanner effect,
18. laser effect,
19. painting effect,
3D effects:
20.zoom effect,
21. pulsation effect,
22. changing current text into new by rotating it 180-
23. 360-degrees text rotation

Materialer: Polycarbonate
Størrelse: 100 x 48 x 3cm (6,5kg)
Producent: RGB Technology

It is possible to combine this instrument with a supporting frame for installing the display horizontally, either single- or double sided for perpendicular installation (not provided)

Are you looking for customized solutions, please contact us. We can also deliver more complex solutions: information boards, scoreboards with time display, price displays, digital queuing system. Ask for quotation.


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