Infra LED 1 Timer Red 41 Infra LED 1 Timer Red 41 Infra LED 1 Timer Red 41 Infra LED 1 Timer Red 41



Digital Vægur - RGB Technology Infra LED 1 Timer Red 41

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RGB Technology Infra LED 1 Timer Red 41 is a advanced high quality LED Wall clock with date function and seconds display that can be either hung inside or outside (IP66) year around. The clock is controlled by remote/control-pilot. The intuitive user menu allows full personalization of the displayed information. The device has permanent memory storing the input settings. The set includes a clock, mounting elements and a remote control. A back-up poser supply is built in. A professional time keeping instrument with very high quality in both components and assembly.

This clock has 5cm high digits which makes the clock viewable from 20-30 meters distance.

The clock has a timer function, you can control these functions using the remote:

- Stopwatch (from 00:00:00 to when the remote control button is pressed)
- Countdown timer (from XX:XX:XX to 00:00:00)
- Count up Timer (from 00:00:00 to XX:XX:XX)

Functions controlled via remote:

Adjusting the time of displaying the parameters (time or date)
Adjusting the date format
Deactivating the "second hand" colon blinking
Automatic brightness control (viewable in direct sunlight)
Temporal switching the display off

If you order a system with GPS current time and date is set by automatically synchronizing the LED clock with the GPS worldwide system. Every set comes with a GPS receiver and weather resistant GPS antenna. Precise time is displayed and the time is automatically switched between Daylight Saving Time and standard time. The clock has a built-in LED diode indicating that the instrument is receiving the GPS signal. The clock is delivered with a 10 meter long cable for the GPS antenna and a 2 meter long cable for the wall clock but both can be customized.

Materialer: Polycarbonate
Størrelse: 41 x 18,5 x 4,5cm (1,3kg)
Producent: RGB Technology

Are you looking for customized solutions, please contact us, all the clocks can be customized according to customer needs, examples of possible customizations:

Time system: master clock and slave clock (synchronize all clocks to show exactly the same time via the Web or Satellite - GPS)
Combinations of features: GPS, WiFi (NTP), temperature, alarm/buzzer (88db / 108dB), water temperature, extended wires/cables (up to 100m)

We can also deliver more complex solutions: information boards, scoreboards with time display, price displays, digital queuing system. Ask for quotation.

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