Vægur - Rhythm Chime Brown Sweep 34

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Produkt Beskrivelse:
The wall clock Rhythm Chime Brown Sweep 34 strikes the number of hours corresponding to the current time (the wall clock strikes 6 times at 18:00, 7 times at 19:00, etc.) The clock also plays the famous Westminster chimes. The wall clock has a floating second hand so it does not tick.

Strikes: Chime
Westminster +a strike for each hour.
Night Mode: Automatic night shut-off between 23:00-05:00
Volume control

Materialer: plast, glas
Størrelse: Ø34,4 x 5,5cm
Producent: Rhythm


Produceret af:  Wikinggruppen


Vælg: Privatperson eller Forretning, Organisation 

Privatperson Forretning