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Rhythm Majestic is a beautiful pendulum clock with stylish details - painted glass, carved wooden ornaments and an elegant gold colour plated dial and pendulum. The wall clock is equipped with "SIP" and can play several sonourus melodies, strikes and chimes, e.g. the clock plays five strokes when the clock strikes five as well as playing the selected chime. In the video you can hear the chimes and strikes. The wall clock in the video is another Rhythm model but melodies and cimes are the same. The clock also has "night time silent mode" for a peaceful night's sleep with automatic shut off between 23:00-05:45

SIP = "SIP - Sound In Place 100% replica of true sound"
First 4x4 Westminster Impact + hours
2nd 4x4 Ave Maria Impact + hours
3rd Westminster + hours
4th Bim Bam + hours
Volume control, demo button and automatic night shut-off.

Materialer: træ, metal, glas
Størrelse: 26 x 62 x 11cm (3,15 kg)
Producent: Rhythm

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