Vægur - Rhythm Arch

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Produkt Beskrivelse:
Rhythm Master Chime is a brand new type of pendulum clock with genuine chime rods and twin hammers. This means that the model has an unprecedented sound.
Soberly designed clock house in beautiful wood with glass door and stylishly designed pendant and dial with traditional-style hands. This clock perfectly blends the chime of a mechanical clock with the modern quartz clocks functionality and reliability.

Real gong strike on chime rods , every half hour and full hour.

Automatic night shutdown by light sensor.

Materialer: træ, messing, glas
Størrelse: 26,5 x 49,5 x 10,5cm
Producent: Rhythm


Produceret af:  Wikinggruppen


Vælg: Privatperson eller Forretning, Organisation 

Privatperson Forretning