Irox CUBO-S RCC Temp 2 Alarm Irox CUBO-S RCC Temp 2 Alarm


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Vækkeur - Irox CUBO-S RCC Temp 2 Alarm

Stylish Alarm Clock from Irox with RCC, ie radio control , which means that the clock always is right on time , all year round . In addition there is: backlight, day and date display, temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, 12/24 hour display, Crescendo alarm ( 2 alarms) and snooze. The clock also has a barometer based weather forecast that predicts the weather by symbols based on air pressure, the accuracy is about 70% - higher at alternating weather than during stable weather conditions. Materialer: plast Størrelse: 68 x 68 x 68mm Producent: IROX

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