IROX In & Out Sensor Thermo/Hygro ETG38

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Produkt Beskrivelse:
Wireless IROX sensor thermometer for indoor and outdoor use and a hygrometer for indoor use with LCD display. Thanks to the three meter cable with an additional temperature sensor, the display can show the current temperature both indoors and outdoors. Memory for max and min values ​​for both temperature and humidity. Comfort statements: "Wet, Dry, Comfort." Heat indicator. Table or wall mount.

Indoor Temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C (sensitivity: +/- 1° C) Temperature outdoors: -50° C up to 60° C (sensitivity: +/- 1° C)
Resolution: 0.1° C
Humidity measurement range indoors: 25% to 95% (sensitivity: RH% +/- 1% of span)
Resolution: 1%

Materialer: plast
Størrelse: 84 x 58 x 17mm
Producent: IROX


Produceret af:  Wikinggruppen


Vælg: Privatperson eller Forretning, Organisation 

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