RGB Technology Buzzer Industry Extra Loud Alarm 108dB

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RGB Technology Buzzer Industry Extra Loud Alarm 108dB is a buzzer/horn designed primarily for use with our digital wall clocks from RGB. The unit can also be purchased separately if you need a buzzer or horn to an existing signaling system.

All of our digital wall clocks from RGB has a built-in "Executive relay module" and built in memory which means that you can set up to 30 alarms and adjust the alarm signal from 1 second to 59 seconds, the alarm is set via the wall clock with the clocks remote. You can set different alarms depending on the day of the week, for example:

Alarm 1 08:00, for 10 seconds. - On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Alarm 2 10:15, for 20 seconds - only on Saturday

This is 2 alarms, so there are 28 alarms left.

If you would like to have an alarm every full hour between 08:00 and 19:00 every day of the week you only use a total of 11 alarms for those 11 hours for 7 days.

All of the clocks from RGB, you can control these functions using the remote:

- Stopwatch (from 00:00 to when the remote control button is pressed)
- Countdown timer (from XX:XX to 00:00)
- Count up Timer (from 00:00 to XX:XX)
This is a clock from the ZA-series, the ZB series also measures seconds

With a buzzer connected to the stopwatch, then a two-second signal is given at the end of the countdown.

More information about the buzzer is available in PDF attachment further below (on this page)

Acceptable input voltage range (long-term): 100 ÷ 240VAC
Acceptable input voltage frequency range: 47 ÷ 63Hz
Maximum acoustic pressure: 108 dB
Maximum power consumption: 3W
Electromagnetic disturbance emission: According to CENELEC EN 55014 standard
Operating temperature: -25°C ÷ 50°C
Ingress protection rating IP65

Materialer: Impact resistant synthetic ABS polymer
Størrelse: 33,0 x 14,0 x 13,2cm (0,8kg)
Producent: RGB Technology


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