RGB Technology Buzzer Standard Alarm 88dB

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RGB Technology Buzzer Standard Alarm 88dB is a buzzer/horn designed primarily for use with our digital wall clocks from RGB. The unit can also be purchased separately if you need a buzzer or horn to an existing signaling system.

All of our digital wall clocks from RGB has a built-in "Executive relay module" and built in memory which means that you can set up to 30 alarms and adjust the alarm signal from 1 second to 59 seconds, the alarm is set via the wall clock with the clocks remote. You can set different alarms depending on the day of the week, for example:

Alarm 1 08:00, for 10 seconds. - On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Alarm 2 10:15, for 20 seconds - only on Saturday

This is 2 alarms, so there are 28 alarms left.

If you would like to have an alarm every full hour between 08:00 and 19:00 every day of the week you only use a total of 11 alarms for those 11 hours for 7 days.

All of the clocks from RGB, you can control these functions using the remote:

- Stopwatch (from 00:00 to when the remote control button is pressed)
- Countdown timer (from XX:XX to 00:00)
- Count up Timer (from 00:00 to XX:XX)
This is a clock from the ZA-series, the ZB series also measures seconds

With a buzzer connected to the stopwatch, then a two-second signal is given at the end of the countdown.

More information about the buzzer is available in PDF attachment further below (on this page)

Industrial acoustic signalling device of 88dB
Acceptable input voltage range (long-term): 100 ÷ 240VAC
Acceptable input voltage frequency range: 47 ÷ 63Hz
Acoustic pressure: 88 - 92 dB
Maximum power consumption: 0.3W
Electromagnetic disturbance emission: According to CENELEC EN 55014 standard
Operating temperature: -25°C ÷ 50°C
Ingress protection rating IP43

Materialer: Impact resistant synthetic ABS polymer
Størrelse: 8,0 x 15,2 x 6,2cm (0,18kg)
Producent: RGB Technology


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