RGB Technology Temperature Sensor Module 2 m, for Digital RGB Clocks

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Temperature Sensor Module designed for use with the digital wall clocks in the Infra-series, Matrix-series and Steel-series (not compatible with displays).

When the temperature sensor is installed the wall clock shows the current temperature with precision down to one tenth of a degree.

Choose how long to display the temperature (also date and time, you can set for how long each will be showed or remove them, for example not showing date).

Working temperature and measurement range: -55 ° C ÷ 125 ° C

The length of the cable to the temperature probe is 2 meters. The GPS receiver can be placed indoors or outdoors, it is weatherproof. We can extend the cable up to 50 meters. please send us an email regarding this.

Materialer: Impact resistant synthetic ABS polymer
Størrelse: 2M
Producent: RGB Technology


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